Your Trusted Partner

JPD is a professional service provider that employs a team of highly skilled individuals who communicate directly with your suppliers. As the audit landscape continues to evolve, JPD has become proficient in rebalancing expectations and offering a solution that is advantageous to our clients. Our advanced recovery credit services together with quality communication processes produce the best results. This personal approach strengthens the relationships of our customers and delivers the highest level of satisfaction and reward..

  • Significant Recoveries
  • Process Improvement
  • State of the Art Security Standards
  • Partnership Success Stories
  • Global Outreach
  • Improved Supplier Information

JPD’s On-Demand Global Access solution is cloud-based leveraging the Salesforce.com platform. This solution will not require any physical deployment of software or hardware, providing the flexibility of allowing credit recovery functions to be performed from anywhere our clients operate.

JPD Financial Key Facts

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Presence in 110+ countries
  • Recovery average is $877K on every $1B in spend
  • $1 Trillion of spend audited
  • 98% of all clients will rehire JPD
  • 3+ Million Communications with suppliers


The JPD Difference

Why partner with JPD? JPD is built on the delivery of our services and professional call center experience to manage your supplier relationships. This focused execution has led to exceptional results for over a hundred satisfied clients worldwide. The foundation of our services includes a comprehensive database of key supplier information obtained from suppliers across the globe. Our proprietary technology allows us to effectively and efficiently communicate with your suppliers and deliver comprehensive credit recovery services.

“Over the years I have been continually impressed by JPD’s performance finding millions of dollars and working extremely well with my staff.  JPD is very easy to work with and our bottom line is positively affected by these dollars.  In my opinion, JPD Financial is the “Derek Jeter” of the recovery audit industry.”

– Finance Manager, Leading Grocer in Northeastern