The JPD story started over 30 years ago by our founder Jim Doyle. Jim was a pioneer of the time and realized that there was a need to manage supplier interaction with the organization creating our flagship Vendor Credit Recovery™ process. For over 15 years, Jim built the JPD brand and introduced the Vendor Credit Recovery™ into the industry. For the last 15+ years, his son, John Doyle has spearheaded these efforts and managed the evolution and growth of JPD, turning the organization into a leading Global business provider.



Jim Doyle founded JPD Financial
The Birth of Vendor Credit Recovery

I was one of the early JPD Europe employees and have been a recovery Auditor for nearly 20 years.  I have seen many changes during this time particularly in the systems our clients use, but the one thing that remains the same is that we still continue to find money for our clients, and it is great to feel that we have provided such a valuable service to them.Sandra Tomlinson, Sr. Auditor, Vendor Credit Recovery.  20 years with JPD Financial Europe

JPD signed 1st F500 client

Opened JPD Financial Office in Los Altos, CA

Established the original call center environment


150% Growth, expanding call center operations


JPD Financial celebrated 5 years in business

I am very fortunate to work for a Company that underscores my values, work ethic and what I can bring to the table. I have seen the success of others which gives me hope and motivates me to strive to do better.Rex Tafua, Quality Assurance Representative, 1.5 years of service

Celebrated 85% employee growth

Signed the first F100 global client


JPD celebrated 10 years in business


Opened JPD Financial EMEA located outside London England
JPD Financial North America moved to Campbell, CA due to organizational growth


John Doyle is named President of JPD Financial Global
Expansion of service offerings included Risk Mitigation


JPD North America celebrated 20 years in business


JPD North America moves to Santa Clara, CA

JPD Financial goes paperless


JPD North America celebrates 30 years in business


JPD Financial operations implements state of the art technology and security


JPD EMEA celebrates 20 years in business