Caroline DeLuna

Operations Manager

Caroline brings to our team over 20 years of experience in the recovery audit industry.  Throughout her career, she has filled a number of roles in Customer Service, Operations, and Account Management. Without question her knowledge and experience will be a tremendous asset to the JPD team.

Vivian Casillas

Operations Supervisor

Recently promoted to Operations Supervisor, Vivian has over 3 years of experience with JPD with a core focus on client services. Prior to moving into the supervisor position, Vivian was part of the JPD calling and audit teams so she has a very strong understanding of working with our client’s suppliers and gathering information. With a Bachelors in Accounting, Vivian also has a keen understanding of the statement review process and is a trusted mentor and advisor to her team at JPD. We are looking forward to watching Vivian continue to flourish within the organization as she has already done so quickly.

Vitas Jalinskas

Director of Disbursement Audit

Located in Connecticut, Vitas has been a very important remote member of the JPD team for the last 3 years. Vitas brings a unique skill set to the organization and is responsible for the management of all Disbursement Audit Recovery programs including Duplicate Payments and Escheatment Avoidance. These programs are critical for many of our clients so we are fortunate to have Vitas as part of the JPD team.

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Herpreet Kaloti

Shared Services Manager

Herpreet has over 12 years of JPD experience and runs our global Shared Services team.  Her team provides a suite of services that support all internal business units, from IT and HR to QA and Accounting.  Herpreet understands the importance of efficiency and communicating with all levels of each team.  She is the glue that binds our organization together.

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Audrey Lesui

Project Manager

With an impressive 17 year career with JPD, Audrey has experience with all aspects of the business.  Her keen understanding of the JPD processes, coupled with her passion for collaborating with people, has enabled her to head up several successful continuous improvement projects.  Her team also maintains JPD’s production system and works closely with our staff and our clients to ensure security and efficiency are being maximized