Solutions Overview
Effectively JPD is a Business Process Outsourcing firm that acts as an extension of our clients’ existing team bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to help our clients identify unrealized credits due back to them. This information is obtained directly from suppliers by JPD, via a methodical and controlled data collection and review on a continuous basis. All program activity is performed through our service centers which are offsite so as not to disrupt your daily business operations. However an onsite element of the audit can be included if the business requires this option.

Our program consists of a multi-faceted approach to communicate in a comprehensive manner to our client’s entire auditable supplier base. While we leverage technology as much as possible to automate and facilitate the receipt of information, we have found that there is no replacement for a phone conversation with a supplier. It is through that one-on-one discussion which often is a pre-existing relationship, that JPD’s auditors are able to glean information that leads to the discovery and recovery of open and available credits. We then audit the information received from the suppliers, validate recovery opportunities with our clients and recover revenue where indicated.

Other recovery firms audit a wide range of audit categories as part of their ‘broad scope’ service offering. The challenge here is that the audit can become a due diligence or “checklist” process often missing recovery potential from a more focused approach on just a few categories. Our years of experience and roots in Vendor Credit Recovery have resulted in a process designed with one priority in mind – to maximize money recovered.

Working for JPD Financial is like being a classy pirate. We look for hidden treasure left by others all while providing excellent customer service.Delia Flores, Operations Supervisor, 3 years of service
Risk Management

Our depth of experience has helped us establish a deep knowledge and understanding of refining supplier interaction, developing best practices, providing advanced program analytics tailored to identify supplier root cause and recovering maximum profit for our clients. Throughout our numerous engagements, we continue to:

► Refine the efficiency of our Vendor Credit Recovery Program

► Built a best practices Supplier Engagement model

► Customized our proven methodology to address the needs of specific clients

With a dedicated program management team and we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality and professional standards.

Vendor Credit Recovery

Program Overview

JPD pledges a continuous recovery program. On behalf of our clients, statements are requested from suppliers anywhere from semi-annually to quarterly depending upon the supplier spend and opportunity profile. JPD tracks the recovery per supplier and keeps a closer watch on those suppliers most likely to generate credits due back to our client.
Our program is performed by examining your internal accounting data with a comprehensive manual and electronic review of your supplier payment history to identify and recover duplicate payments, erroneous payments and overpayments. This audit identifies all types of payment errors including those involving incorrect currencies, payments to the wrong supplier/division and paid credit notes. JPD has developed data-mining tools to analyze your data for patterns that expose processing errors, providing strong indicators as to where there are breakdowns in your accounting process. What makes the perfect partner is having everyone on the same team. In 21 years with statement audit and working with many Clients, I have learned that PARTNERSHIP is a key word that leads to SUCCESS.
– Caroline DeLuna, Operations Manager, 1 year of service


Our Vendor Credit Recovery program is used to map problem suppliers or identify areas of recovery. This unique program model provides better indicators of additional programs required beyond Credit Recovery, which will  ensure the most substantial recovery opportunities for our clients. JPD will review our Clients’ supplier accounts receivable records to locate open, non-offset line items including, but not limited to, open credits, overpayments, unapplied cash, duplicate payments and rebates that have aged three (3) months or more and report its findings in our client portal assigned to our clients including the relevant details of each claim (i.e., dollar amount, PO number, supplier name, etc.). The combination of our software using extracts of data from your ERP platform allows transactions to be analyzed away from the day-to-day running of your business. The end result is minimal interference and use of your employee time and resources.

Vendor Credit Management
In today’s global economy, many companies now have operations that span the globe. These locations can include manufacturing, operations, corporate, shared service centers and other regional support infrastructure. Every day these functional groups are interacting with the companies approved (and sometimes not approved) supplier network. As part of the interaction with suppliers, companies sometimes unknowingly make overpayments to the suppliers and/or do not collect what is due from suppliers related to allowances, returns and rebates. These amounts that are due to the companies from suppliers are sitting as credits on the accounts and books of the supplier until these credit amounts or sent to the applicable company. It is not surprising that when credits are issued from these suppliers, the transaction is not always being handled in a consistent manner. Credit notification or credit memos are not always being sent to the correct location. Many suppliers don’t even have a process for notification. As a result many companies are not properly tracking, recording and recovering the credits that are due back to them. These companies simply don’t have their arms around the ‘credit’ opportunity and thus cannot make the necessary business process changes to recover the credits (cash). What is the value of available credits globally? How much of this is recovered? What geo-locations are these credits coming from? What is the root-cause of these credits? What is the average age of these credits? And the list of questions goes on….

Our Capability
JPD’s Vendor Credit Management Service (VCMS) can make significant improvements in the way companies manage vendor credits. JPD provides their clients tools for vendor credits to be entered directly in JPD systems so that global tracking, recording and recovery are happening every day and everywhere you operate. JPD’s VCMS help our clients get in front of the problem, instead of waiting years for third party recovery firms to review and recover un-captured credits. Moreover this proactive process will greatly reduce the amount of credits that are permanently ‘lost’, and thus unrecoverable. So why give up the money that is rightfully yours, when this service can prevent that from happening?

Program Process
The team at JPD Financial has been providing recovery services and delivering value to our clients for over three decades. While on that journey, we have grown in our approach as we have learned about our client’s priorities and what matters most to them. The key driver communicated by our clients is that they are looking to maximize recoveries and money to the bottom-line while having minimal impact on their organization. Their experiences with recovery firms before JPD Financial were substantially different e.g. lots of time from their staff including IT, AP management and AP staff as well as having to provide desk space, security passes and quite often computer access to systems and networks.  The JPD approach is very different from this – it requires minimal involvement from our customer’s staff and because of the focus on your vendors’ receivable records it delivers much higher results in terms of quality and amount.

The Vendor Credit Recovery methodology is built on a number of important foundations, three of which are people, quality and communication.

  • People. JPD Financial has a rigorous on-boarding and training program for our audit and calling personnel. We hire people based on their natural ability to communicate in a professional and friendly manner e.g. being able to ask for statements of account or specifically about individual credit items in an efficient way. We can easily teach them the technical points of the audit process – but all our staff are recruited on the basis of their natural confidence and gregarious personality – which is key to our success.
  • Quality. Simply put, if our claims cannot be substantiated in great detail or have any elements of uncertainty- then they are not submitted. This core operational practice maximizes recoveries and minimizes rejections as our clients and their suppliers know that every claim submitted is accurate and provided with back-up documents. Furthermore, this emphasis on substantiation drives an impressive claim reversal rate of less than 1% significantly lower than traditional AP audit providers.
  • Communication. Our clients all do business differently – and we recognize that by developing a unique communications strategy with each client and their vendors. We work with your internal processes and adapt our service deliverable wherever possible. We go to great lengths to keep everyone informed and current on the status of our work. With a strong communication plan in place there is little room for surprises.

When you engage with JPD Financial you can be assured that we always put the emphasis on service. We never take on the work if we can’t deliver, we won’t overstate what we will recover and miss-set expectations.  We always strive to make every customer a reference, which is why the majority of our new customers come from recommendations from our current customer base.  Our focus is on exceeding client expectations which has driven the highest level of client satisfaction resulting in JPD’s sustained growth and success as an audit partner.

The JPD Financial team acted with the utmost professionalism and integrity which caused no disturbance to our business operations or jeopardized relations with our suppliers.  JPD has been highly successful in recovering funds that we didn’t even know existed!
– Manager, Payment Verifications, East Coast Power Company

Duplicate Payments

We perform our software based duplicate and incorrect payments analysis by examining your internal accounting data. This analysis identifies all types of payment errors including those involving incorrect currencies, payments to the wrong supplier/division and paid credit notes.  JPD has developed data-mining tools to analyze your data for patterns that expose processing errors, providing strong indicators as to where there are breakdowns in your accounts payable process.

This audit, performed directly on your transactional data, is conducted using software developed over a number of years specifically for this process. The combination of our software using extracts of data from your systems allows transactions to be analyzed away from the day-to-day running of your business. The end result is minimal interference and use of your employee time and resources.

All of the data provided by our clients is stored on secure data servers which meet the highest levels of security which our clients have for their own businesses.

Even with the most modern financial systems and strict procure-to-pay processes (like No PO No Pay) there is still the potential for significant value to be lost from a company through incorrect payments.

We can help you identify and recover the money lost through duplicate and incorrect payments and also advise you on how to reduce these errors in the future.

Reporting Capabilities

On a quarterly basis, JPD conducts Business Reviews with all of our clients. During these reviews we report on key program metrics and statistics including:

  • Overall program progress
  • Gross dollars identified
  • Gross dollars deducted
  • Number of suppliers audited
  • Total transactions reviewed
  • Outstanding program requirements and other key metrics that our clients may require

All reports can be exported to standard formats such as html, pdf, xls, csv and xml.

JPD will keep our clients apprised of the overall program status, including the lifecycle of the submitted claims. This reporting is made available in our client portal. In addition, JPD’s Account Manager will conduct meetings to address the following:

► Provide status reports at regular intervals throughout the claims process

► Review open claims

► Provide assessment of issues that have been discovered

VAT Recovery Services
Value-added tax can represent a significant percentage of the purchase or sale of a product. VAT rates of around 20% are common around the world and in some countries considerably higher. It can be easy to miss the booking of this VAT on purchased items and if repeated could result in a significant impact on the profit of your company.

The JPD VAT recovery service analyses the transactional spend data to uncover under-claims of VAT and allows them to be claimed from the relevant taxing authority on future tax declarations. VAT data is time sensitive – It is important that this analysis is done on a regular basis as there is a limit in the amount of time that a VAT error can be corrected.

Examples of errors found include incorrectly entered tax amounts, taxes entered against the wrong account, and VAT invoices that have been mistaken for goods invoices. We identify patterns in the tax handling of invoices and identify where there are potential mistakes which lead to too much money paid or not enough claimed in rebates.

Don’t impact your profit by paying too much tax – claim back what you are owed!

I have been employed by JPD Financial in the UK office for just over three years as a member of the calling team as well as performing some auditing duties.  The role is varied and allows me to use my German language, calling all German speaking countries and analysing statements as part of the auditing role.  After just over three years in the company, I have gained considerable experience in certain areas of the business, assisting the auditors with various translations or assistance when required in a foreign language.  JPD has enabled me to progress within the company using a language which I love.” – Justine Burnett – 3 years with JPD – English/German Caller and Auditor 
Additional Audit Services


In an effort to ensure compliance with all P-Card policies and procedures, the P-Card Program review will be conducted on all P-Card transactions. This review is designed to ensure compliance, identify non-compliance and misuse, and through progressive corrective measures assist our clients with process improvements to improve compliance.

Escheatment Avoidance

Now more than ever, our clients must be informed about unclaimed property obligations and the trends in enforcement. To minimize escheatable property and effect risk-proof compliance, our clients must understand the types of transactions that create unclaimed property. As the obligations change and/or compliance trends shift, it is important that up-to-date information be reviewed and that policies and procedures modified to avoid liability and limit risk.

JPD has in-depth knowledge of each State’s Escheatment Laws and can lawfully prevent property from being turned over to the State(s).   It is very difficult to recover funds after they have been escheated to the states.  Therefore, avoidance is the most effective option.

Debit Balance Collections

There are many reasons why a vendor might get into a debit balance situation, but these are normally resolved when you make future purchases with the vendor. However there are situations when you can’t get this money back through future business. For example, when you may have stopped working with the vendor or the amount of future spend may not be sufficient to get the money back in a reasonable time-frame.

In this situation, you will be required to get the money back from the vendor, which can be a time-consuming and potentially difficult task if not handled efficiently. Accounts Payable staff will freely admit that cash collections is one of the most difficult parts of their job and one which they do not like to do.

JPD Financial can help with this task, as we have significant experience of collections from 30+ years of Vendor Credit Recovery. We are used to contacting vendors all over the world through our international calling team and have the systems and processes that allow us to track individual collections and monitor them through their lifecycle.

Having JPD manage the difficult and time-consuming debit balance collection will enable your procurement and accounts payable staff to focus on the more value-added activities within your company.