Consistent And Substantial Dollars Mar 08, 2016

“I am a strong proponent of JPD’s Vendor Credit Recovery process, and can confidently recommend their service because of the consistent and substantial dollars they contribute to our bottom line.”

JPD’s Work Is Truly Unique Mar 08, 2016

“JPD’s work is truly unique. Year after year they continue to recover monies in the form of aged an open credits from our suppliers that we were not aware of. Moreover these claims were not identified and recovered through the traditional A/P audit firms we have engaged.”

Utmost Professionalism And Integrity Mar 08, 2016

“The JPD Financial team acted with the utmost professionalism and integrity which caused no disturbance to our business operations or jeopardized relations with our suppliers. JPD has been highly successful in recovering funds that we didn’t even know existed!”

The “Derek Jeter” Of The Recovery Audit Industry. Feb 23, 2016

“Over the years I have been continually impressed by JPD’s performance finding millions of dollars and working extremely well with my staff. JPD is very easy to work with and our bottom line is positively affected by these dollars. In my opinion, JPD Financial is the “Derek Jeter” of the recovery audit industry.”