Statement Reconciliation Automation

Self-financing accounts payable automation software

The task of reconciling invoices against vendor statements is vital to controlling spend. However, the onerous manual steps involved means it is an expensive and time consuming task. The Glantus Data Platform automates the end-to-end vendor statement reconciliation process saving significant time and money. Advanced algorithms and AI drives accuracy and ensures proper AP audit control.

Statement Reconciliation Automation

Purchase ledger control and visibility

Statement Reconciliation Automation

Interactive visibility and control for the accounts payable function in one enterprise solution. The secure data platform supports continuous AP auditing across all financial processes. The exception analysis equips your team with the ‘superpowers’ they need to drive efficiency and recovery. It eliminates poor visibility on high volume AP transactions

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Drive efficiency and timeliness

Sed semper turpis

The software solution ensures efficient and timely monthly/quarterly accounts presentations. Automated statement reconciliation reduces manual errors, removes late adjustments, and identifies missed credits. It also removes the significant manual effort and costs relating to the reconciliation of intercompany accounts.

How it Works

How it Works

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Key Features

Vendor Statement Reconciliation Automation processes high volumes of transactions to provide a real-time accurate view of all invoices and credit notes.


Paper processing is eliminated – all reconciliations and approval of payments are automated and online.


Automated identification of statement transactions with real-time analysis of credits, duplicate payments, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Continuous AI driven statement transaction matching and creditors statement reconciliation.


One platform that easily connects and combines multiple AP systems and external data sets


Continuous real-time access to all vendor accounts via interactive dashboards and visual reports


Streamlines accounts reconciliation process, offering a detailed review, investigation and analysis of your AP transactions.

The control you need without the high cost of manual processing

Smart analysis ensures your team is guided by specific exceptions and equipped to drive continuous improvement across the AP function.

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